About Mistress Keira 

I have been in the wonderful world of BDSM over 6 years. This is truly a lifestyle for me, not just a job. I am wired kinky, and love what I do. I am the gorgeous goddess next door that enjoys teasing and tormenting. The woman you pass in the grocery store and turn to watch as I walk away. My career goals include pursuing a degree in psychology and sexual health, and owning my own practice to help others with their fetishes, sexuality, and relationships. It brings me great joy to allow people to embrace their kinks and live out their fantasies. 

Many ask why I became a professional Domina. I've always been incredibly intuitive, sensual, and kinky. I enjoy the different, weird, and unique. I prefer connections on a deeper level, and sharing a fetish experience does just that. It is a plunge into the dark side, the taboo, the kink abyss. Unraveling someone's true desires, their darkest desires, and sharing that secret with them is a wonderful bond. In the same breath, it's how I help people. I help people explore the fantasies they've only lived out in their heads. I help submissives accept and even embrace their fetishes, after they've often only been judged and persecuted for such. I help individuals better understand their desires, and move forward with the knowledge and guidance of having a more fulfilling sex life. I love what I do, and do what I love. Although I am  sadist at heart, I truly enjoy being a catalyst for mental and emotional release. 

A few details...​

  • Ivory skin, with dark purple hair, and piercing brown eyes

  • 36D all natural curves

  • Aquarius with a dark sense of humor

  • Fetish aficionado

  • Size 6 pedicured feet

Please note: I AM NOT AN ESCORT. My services are 100% legal, and no matter how much money you offer, that will not change. If you even attempt to initiate or negotiate any form of sexual contact, expect to be blocked and blacklisted. 

Educate yourself:
This is NOT just a written statement to protect my image or protect me from "entrapment". 
I will never provide illegal sexual services to any client, under any circumstances. 

Penal Code Title 9. Chapter 43. Subchapter A. Sec. 43.01-Sec. 43.27

2010 - present
2010 - present

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