If you ask for something that is clearly stated as a hard limit here, I will assume you are either ​ignorant and didn't read my entire site, or disrespectful, and just don't care. Either way, I will not see you.

  • Scat/ruby showers *Note that GS is a very select privilege only for long term subs I deem worthy.

  • Kissing/Biting

  • Blood/cutting/needle play

  • Body worship (besides foot worship)

  • No facesitting/ smothering

  • Heavily scripted scenes- I am a domme, not an actress. 

  • Rude or pushy "subs"

  • Anything involving underage (under 18) participants or non-consenting participants

  • No beastiality/actual animals (pet play is fine)

  • No race play (it goes against everything I stand for)

  • No "real" blackmail (role play only)

  • Illegal services/ "extra hand"/ "full service" nonsense

  • Sexual contact-If you attempt to initiate any type of physical contact, the session will end IMMEDIATELY and you will be removed from the premises. You will receive no refund and you will be blacklisted. NO EXCEPTIONS! (This includes "oral servitude", facesitting, body worship (besides feet), or any other thinly-veiled attempt at sexual contact). 

© 2019 by Mistress Keira Bliss


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