"I’m a long time sissy abdl, and have never seen a professional dominatrix before. So I was extremely apprehensive about contacting Mistress Keira, but I’m so glad I did. When I first made contact, she got back with me right away, and we discussed my kinks and desires via email and also arranged a phone consultation. Speaking with her immediately put me at ease. She has such a warm presence and professional demeanor. I knew she was the real deal. Her website is clear and concise and she maintains a very active social media presence. After discussing what I was looking for, we booked a time slot. I was still pretty nervous, but felt more at ease after our conversation

The session itself was just fabulous. She keeps a very clean play space. Me, being the timid abdl that I am, she led me by the hand to the bedroom. I was shaking like a leaf lol. But she had such an amazing maternal way about her. We decided to do a typical mommy / baby scenario. She was so natural and nurturing, I just melted in her arms. Being a dominatrix, she was stern and embodied the dominant role perfectly. But she was also warm and knew exactly what I needed in my baby role. We played for an hour. It was absolute bliss! I would have loved to be babysat all afternoon, but I was so thankful for the time we could spend together. Afterwards, she let me use the bathroom (the big boy bathroom lol), got me a glass of water, and she was kind enough to have a post-session discussion about my fetish and kinks. Just being able to talk to a like minded individual about this sort of thing was such a liberating experience. To be able to be so personal without the fear of being judged. Just an amazing experience.

I will go back and visit Mistress Mommy Keira soon. If you’re feeling apprehensive or doubtful, don’t be. Mistress Mommy Keira is the real deal. She knows exactly what you need and is also willing to get suggestions. We had been discussing the session for a couple of weeks through email. And she was open and responded to every one of my emails. No matter how minute the detail. She really cares about what she does. You owe it to yourself to experience a session with her."

-P, December 2019

"Mistress Keira is the real deal. She is not your amatuer dom looking to make a quick buck. She is a professional in the artistry of fetishes and dark fantasies. The kind of dark fantasies you only keep to yourself for fear of societal judgment. If your willing to take the first step in bringing your fetish fantasy to life, Mistress Keira is the professional to see. She uses a well layered vetting and research procedure to craft your unique session. She takes it a step further by studying you in a post-session, so as to further improve your next experience with her. She can help you explore to the fullest your darkest fantasies, and along the way you may find yourself grow more as a person: A person who accepts any kink quirks you would otherwise consider to be a counter productive side of yourself. Mistress Keira provides an outlet for communication which puts you at ease before, during, and after the session. And if you happen to be a well seasoned kink submissive, do know she can and will take you to the next level. A level you may not have known you were capable of achieving." -F, November 2019

"Mistress Keira is a true professional and master of her craft. Our session together was the first time I had ever properly indulged my fetish and she guided me through it with style and grace making for a truly positive experience.  I highly recommend MK to first timers and those of you looking to explore your fetish or the kink scene in general." -D, November 2019

"Great for beginners. First, Mistress Keira doesn’t just hand you a menu and make you pick. Through a vetting process she takes the time to listen to your fetishes, your desires, and your limits. Then she makes a unique session just for you. I came with a fetish she had never done before. Rather than block me or make me pick something else she actually did research into my fetish and made it happen! And it was better than I could have imagined. 

Second, she has a professional website and media presence. This is a profession and she embodies it. Read it and know her limits too. A lot of work went into making her business a business. Respect it. 

And third, you can tell she enjoys what she does. The energy vibe between us was the best part. Give in to her and you’ll go to amazing places." - P, August 2019

"Mistress Keira Bliss is absolutely breathtaking. She is everything you could ask for in a domme. I have sessioned a few times with this Superior being, and I cannot get enough. She is very understanding of limits, and pushes boundaries to the right amount. If I had the money, I would session every other day!!! She deserves a stable of dedicated slaves. Best time of my LIFE, has been spent with her." -slavejj, May2019

"A mutual transmission of trust, nourishment, and communication is always magically established among us, IMHO.  Your devotion to listening carefully to my needs, likes and dislikes, simply escalate the level of comfort every single time. Introducing S is a very exciting part, specially when sharing such intimate thoughts, dreams, scenarios, fetishes, and even lust.  You managed to make all of those thing fit in an astonishing way, that simply left me perplexed; and you accomplished taking me mentally and physically into another dimension in which total submission was so pleasurable, that returning from it seemed like the incorrect thing to do.  You understood exactly my needs, and your cooperation, care, and communication, had me at mental ecstasy since the beginning. " -S, May 2019

"Thank you so much for the wonderful time together. Truly enjoyed it, and hope to see you again very soon!" -S, January 2019

"I want to thank you for my sessions. You always know how much motivation or correction I need and make sure I get it in my sessions. You are amazing and I always leave our sessions knowing that I have received what is needed to make me a better person." -L, January 2019 

"I honestly can’t stop thinking about that day. It was the best session I have had in a long time. You took your time and made it amazing." -J, December 2018

"Mistress Keira is a wonderful Mistress. I had a session serving Mistress as Her sissy maid. Mistress played to my servant gurl in ankle socks fetish beautifully and was so patient with me. Mistress even took me on a public outing! Mistress dressed me sensuously and laughingly. She playfully spoke of how pretty and sissy a maid I was :) It was perfect! I hope to serve Mistress Keira again soon." - L, November 2018

"I had a wonderful time. I love your style, your voice, the way you really talk down to me like your little baby...you were calm, sweet, nurturing, but knew what you wanted too. Thank you so much for an incredible session. I can't wait to see you again in a few weeks!" 

-S, June 2018

"I've had time to reflect on our session and think about everything... thank you for a wonderful experience! You are amazing!!" - R, March 2018

"Thank you for the amazing session. I can't wait to schedule another session soon!"- D, May 2018

"Mistress Keira has been great for a guy like me. I've had these desires for years, and finally decided to explore them just recently. She has been a very firm yet caring domme, understanding that I am new to the whole experience. If you're a good little girl she may even let you customize the session a bit to your liking. ;) In all seriousness, she is extremely professional and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed by her work!" - D, March 2018

"WOW! Thank you for another new and amazing experience!" -V, February 2018

"I was (and remain) smitten with her. Recommend without hesitation. A dream fulfilled - when you see a cool, savvy, happy, fecund, pretty, charming, young woman out in public that you've never met and are thinking "if only I could tell her what I am REALLY pondering while she sees me as the sweet little ol' man from central casting" - M, January 2018

"Unforgettable experience. Thank you!" -J, January 2018

"Thank you for allowing me to be myself and embrace my fetishes." -B, November 2017

© 2019 by Mistress Keira Bliss


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