I am open to many different types of play and fetishes. If you have something specific in mind, just ask. I do not judge anyone's kink, and will respectfully decline if it's outside of my realm.  My personal favorite fetishes include bondage, corporal punishment, tease & denial, sissy/slave training, CBT,  pet play, humiliation, foot and boot worship, chastity keyholding, and electro and sensation play. 

Impact Play and Corporal Punishment

Everything from a bare handed, over-the-knee spanking to floggers, whips, and canes. We discuss your pain threshold beforehand, and adjust accordingly. Discipline can be quite cathartic, and quite satisfying for my inner sadist.

Chastity & Keyholding

 I will put your manhood in a chastity cage and tease you with the key. You are MY property now, and I keep MY property locked up accordingly. Prepare to spend all your energy ensuring my happiness, if you ever want to be let out of your cage....

Sensory Deprivation & Play

 Taking away one sense heightens others... when you can't see what's coming next, your mind will race with ideas. I want you fully immersed in each sensation. Ice, wax, electric... so many fun things....

Humiliation & Degradation

 Are you a worthless cuck? A pathetic small dick loser who will never get a woman like me?  Or a closet sissy who dreams of being a filthy slut? I will remind you how pitiful you really are. 

Forced Sissification/ Cross dressing/ Slut Training

Full transformations for the brave, or just a taste of the whore life for the curious. Are you ready to embrace your desires of being in my stable of sissy sluts?

Tease & Denial

You will gaze upon my luscious curves, wanting so much to touch and feel how soft I am. Too bad you will never get to. I will tease you to the brink, only to deny you for my amusement. 


Foot worship/ Trampling

My soft and delicate feet were made for worshipping. Massage them, smell them, love them. Or perhaps you need my pretty little feet to trample your worthless face and body. 

Rough body play

For those who like it rough... pushing, punching, kicking, pinching, hair pulling, CBT, BB, and everything in between. For my masochists at heart, I absolutely love when you suffer for me. 

ABDL/ Infantilism 

The escape that comes from being completely helpless, and in diapers, cannot be described  by most. To have a wonderfully strict and caring Mommy Domme to care and discipline you is exactly what you dream of. 

None of my sessions are cookie-cutter, one size fits all domination. I review your limits and fantasies, and curate our session for an unforgettable experience. Our unique chemistry will play a key in how your session unfolds. 

© 2019 by Mistress Keira Bliss


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